Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Simple Name Change change my name for me?

No. In order to legally change your name, you need to have a document allowing you to do so. Examples of this type of document can be a marriage license, divorce decree, immigration certificate or court order.

After you get that document, your name is legally changed, but no one may know about it! It is important to let the Social Security Administration and IRS know about your name change in order to continue accruing social security benefits and tax refunds.

Simple Name Change helps you notify all the important agencies and companies in your life about your name change. We make it simple by gathering all the forms you need and filling them out for you. Without Simple Name Change, this process can take several hours, even days. Simple Name Change helps you do it in under one hour.

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2. Who can use Simple Name Change?

Anyone who wants to change his or her name can use Simple Name Change's easy process. For example, people often change their names when they:

  • Get married or register as domestic partners
  • Get divorced
  • Have children
  • Immigrate
  • Experience major life changes
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3. What do I need to get started?

Right away, you can start using our simple service to generate all the forms you need to notify important agencies and companies of your name change. Depending on which package you select, you will need to know your personal information such as social security, driver license, and passport numbers. In order to notify companies such as gas and electric, credit card, insurance, and cable, you will need the names, addresses and account numbers for these companies.

After you complete our simple process, you will need to get copies of the legal document that allows you to change your name. For instance, if you are changing your name because you have married, you will need a copy of your marriage license. If you are changing your name after a divorce, you will need a copy of your divorce decree or a court order.

You can use Simple Name Change before you get your legal documentation just to generate the necessary forms. After you get the legal document, you'll add it to the Simple Name Change forms and send the complete package to government agencies and service providers.

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4. How does Simple Name Change protect my important personal data?

First, Simple Name Change sets you up with a password protected account. Second, our website uses advanced encryption techniques to block anyone or anything from accessing your personal data. Third, once you have finished the Simple Name Change process, we destroy our records of your personal data after 30-days. The 30-day window allows you to reprint any forms or correct any mistakes. Before the 30-day window expires, we will ask you if you need more time. Simple Name Change will never share or sell your personal information.

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5. What happens after I complete the Simple Name Change process?

You will be able to print out the forms that have been auto-generated using your personal information. Simple Name Change will provide you with an instruction sheet for each set of forms telling you where to send the necessary documents. In a few days or weeks (depending on the organization), you will get a new driver license and passport, etc. with your new name!

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6. I still have questions...

And we have answers. Send your questions or comments using our contact form. We promise to respond within 24 hours.

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