Our Rates

Heard enough? Get started now. Your first form is free!

What you get:

With Simple Name Change, you get all the forms you need for a complete name change. We provide four federal forms, two state forms and a number of custom notification letters for your service providers, including instructions on what to do after you print the form.

What it costs:

The SimpleChange Basic package is free. It includes the Social Security form. Our premium package is $28.95 and includes almost twenty forms, all customized based on your personal interview.

How we're different:

Our mission at Simple Name Change is to deliver the easiest, fastest name change process available online. There are several reasons we're superior to any other solution.

  1. Your first form is always free. We believe strongly in our product, and want to give users a no-rist way to try it out.
  2. Ease of use. We have build our product with an emphasis on efficiency and ease of use. You'll never fill out the same data twice, and rest assured that the instructions are easy to follow.
  3. Value. The SimpleChange Premium package is priced below other solutions in the market.